My name is Adrian I am the owner and operator of this business.

I Work with some others I consider family and some others I consider my mentors.

This is a little about me and why I am doing what I am doing.


I come through a long life of many trial and errors and learning experiences in my life and come to see that People are the most important thing in my life. Friends, Family, Strangers Foreigners and local Americans.

While I was traveling all over the world with the US Air Force for 11 years, I got to see and meet many people from all over our great country and over this most beautiful world. 


I learned one thing that was pretty common all over. You show People RESPECT and LOVE and they will share the same with you. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems a Minor in Business Management. I also have my MBA with a focus in Information Systems.


I want to bring Affordable Quality Products that are very unique to my customers. Me and my wife are constantly going to Product fairs and meeting with Producers from all over the world to find the best quality and best prices for you, our customers.


One of my goals is to meet the wants and needs of all the different personality types here in Colorado and all over the US and anywhere there is a want or need for the Products my company has to offer to help anyone and everyone live a happier more fulfilling life.


Shop with us and let us serve you.